Unity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd was set up to avoid not only the headache of B-BBEE but the administration side that is time consuming and costly, it is more than a strategy just merely to comply, but part of a vision to gain access to and witness the positive change in our Economy and our Country, leaving a positive vibe in the industry.

Bridge the gap


Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving notable, long-term, and significant improvements in their performance, seeing the world in new ways, discovering opportunities our clients may not have considered, as well as to help our company attract, develop, inspire, and retain extraordinary individuals and achieving results that bridge the gap between what is and what could be. We go to great lengths to get understanding and the courage to act. We bring together the right people to challenge conventional wisdom and promote change. We aim to commit all of our talents and energies to build a better world. We consult, advise, look for ideas and assist in various forms to constantly help advance our vision. We aspire for long sustainable wins that makes every client and individual proud and feel a sense of belonging when making use of our services or joining our company. Giving motivated clients something to believe in – something bigger than their job and themselves. In a continually positive environment, we will promote team success as well as individual accomplishments. Everyone at Unity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd will realize that they play an important part on the team.


We are firm believers in the power of ideas to transform people’s minds, lives, and, ultimately, the world. Our vision is to offer value and enhance people’s lives in the same way, shape or form. We strive to create a world in which majority of the people wake up every single morning inspired, feeling safe at work and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. We aspire to provide Excellence and work with our clients to foster true innovation by know-how, industry expertise and working with clients to make their business stronger, the kind that converts a concept into a business and to help them develop and grow their businesses.

Bridge the gap


Unity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd is devoted to being responsive, inventive, and successful in order to achieve our stated mission and vision. We will uphold that promise by listening, communicating, and engaging with respect for other perspectives and cultures, acting ethically, compassionately, and responsibly, and taking action to effect positive change. Unity Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd is based on Integrity, Honesty and Humility and when these three traits are put together forms Unity. We strive to constantly act on the following:

  • Faith in Action: We have faith in what we do
  • Hope: We provide hope and opportunity
  • Community: We bring people from all walks of life together in our work.
  • Equity and Inclusion: We promote racial equity and strive to increase diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency in all aspects of our company
  • Integrity: We honour our commitments and act with fairness, honesty, and respect every day
  • Perseverance: We continually strive for excellence and innovation in all that we do
Business Goals and Objectives
  • Most Innovative services
  • Grow percentages sales from new services
  • Improve or Focus research and development
  • Acquire new clients from innovative offerings
  • Great client service
  • Improve client service
  • Invest in client management
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Develop and use a client database
  • Streamline core business processes
  • Increase reliability of operations
  • Ensure compliance
  • Improve reporting and transparency
  • Improve skills
  • Create a performance focused culture
  • Improve productivity with cross functional teams
  • Invest in tools to make staff more productive
  • Improve employee retention
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Build high performing teams
  • Develop leadership abilities and potential of the team
  • Partner with service providers to provide alternative services



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